Monday 12/10 is the final day for placing shipping orders for goodies. Due to the extended delivery times of the Post Office during the holidays, we can no longer ship orders past this date with the expectation that they will arrive to you before the holidays. We apologize for any inconvenience. Gift Cards will continue to ship from our bakery the day after the order is placed, however, we cannot guarantee delivery in time for the holidays as it is under the Post Office control. Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

About the Happy Mixer

The Happy Mixer Gluten Free Bakery has been a dream of mine since I removed gluten from my diet in 2009.  Ironically, I owned a very successful old fashioned bakery at the time!  There I was, surrounded by delicious baked goods all day, every day and I could not eat a single item!  At first it was tolerable, but eventually it just seemed ridiculous. Over time more and more customers would come in and ask for “Gluten Free” goodies, and regretfully I had to turn them away, explaining how I felt their frustration.

Finally in 2012, I knew it was time to take my 14 plus years experience and put it to better use.  After all, everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a fresh baked good, myself included!  I sold my “gluten filled” bakery and set out on a mission to develop the best “gluten free” baked goods imaginable.  I turned my home kitchen into a test lab for over a year, fine tuning the classics of a traditional bakery.  After long hours, hundreds of recipes, and countless nights of overindulging in the name of perfection, I finally had a full line of sweets that I simply could not wait to share!

Being gluten free is a lifestyle, with a welcoming community on a never ending search for better options.  I appreciate you making us one of your options and it is an honor to serve all of you!

It is truly a joy to come to work each day knowing that I am making a small difference in the lives of so many who suffer from Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity!


Timothy M.

Who is the Happy Mixer?

The Happy Mixer is my wife, featured in the logo.  While testing recipes, she was always eager to help!  With little baking experience, she chose to stay in her comfort zone, which apparently was mixing the dry ingredients I had already scaled up.  She would smile ear to ear while she whisked those dry ingredients into the perfect blend!  I would playfully call her my “Happy Mixer”!

When it came time to give the bakery a name, I knew it had to be The Happy Mixer.  Seeing her smile in the logo is always a reminder to me of just how much we love what we do, and what baking is truly all about…Family, Friends, and Fun!